Congratulations, you’re getting married!

Planning for the most exciting day of your life can be amazing.

The venue…the band…the guest list…the menu…the cake…the dress…the in-laws…It can also be stressful. Don’t get overwhelmed by the barrage of decisions and the pressure to lose weight and fit into your dress…Enjoy it!

Hypnosis can help

Brides, grooms and even the parents-of-the bride can benefit from hypnosis to help them reset, regain calm, reduce stress and yes, even lose weight.

A few sessions with me and you’ll be amazed at how you are able to accomplish so much without the anxiety. How you can lose weight and manage your healthy eating easily. A stress eater? No problem, we’ll work together to have you reaching for the fresh fruits and vegetables and easily passing up fattening, unhealthy foods. Need help with motivation to exercise? Helping clients kick-start and rejuvenate their exercise routines is one of my favorite parts of my job. Want to quit smoking before your big day? I help clients quit with one session. If you can imagine it, I can help you achieve it.

And yes, I have even helped happy couples work through pre-wedding jitters.

You CAN enjoy your wedding planning again. Call me today 503-890-1642 for a complimentary consultation to find out how hypnosis can help you.