The Sessions

My unique sessions blend Reiki, Hypnosis, intuition and elements of other modalities to help you get in touch with your truth, clear away that which no longer serves you and create movement in your life. Discovering a balanced mind, body and spirit can change your world.

Beyond your physical body and mind, you have an energy body. Reiki energy healing is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that works with this life force energy. Your energy body is ultra-sensitive, registering all your life experiences, big and small, positive and negative, emotional to physical. This is all imprinted on your energy body along with the feelings that are triggered. Over time, unexpressed and often unconscious emotions can cause your energy to be blocked which prevents you from functioning optimally – emotionally and physically. No matter your circumstances, when your energy is flowing you feel better and you can more easily create a balanced mind, body and spirit.

And balance, forward motion, love and joy is what it’s all about.

During your session, you can expect to be lying fully clothed on a massage table. I typically start with Reiki and during the Reiki session I begin what I call Intuitive Hypnotherapy. In a nut shell, I use the elements of hypnosis and information that I get from our meetings to add a hypnotherapy component to your session. Depending on the reason for your session and what comes up during your session the hypnosis aspects may be front and center or perhaps woven in more gently throughout. I love this form because I have freedom to be more fluid and relevant with hypnosis with respect to how you are feeling at this moment.

And the Reiki… it’s beauty flows the entire session.