The Love

“I knew I always wanted to try hypnotherapy/Reiki. I was blown away after my first session. My dad came to be with me during my session. It was an experience I will never forget. He was holding my hand the whole time. The love that I felt during my session was unreal. I have always thought my dad was around me but during the session I was physically able to feel him and see him in a different way. I am hooked, Jeanine is amazing at what she does. I am so thankful for her and her ability to reconnect me with my father after 12 years.

I am forever changed after just three sessions. The journeys Jeanine took me on I will never forget. She has given me tools and images that I will always use in the future. Thank You Jeanine.”
Heather W.

“I love Jeanine Seger she is a Power House. When I first heard of Jeanine’s practice I was very interested but knew very little about Hypnotherapy or Reiki all I knew is that I loved Jeanine’s energy and wanted to learn more. After my initial session I knew this is something I needed in my life. Through her Hypno and Reiki practice Jeanine introduces us to the power of harnessing our energy and the brilliance of our mind. I can not be more grateful.”
- Luke J.

I simply cannot even begin to tell you how much the session with you has already changed my life. It’s like starting over, like I never even smoked before. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I have every confidence that I am a non smoker for life and can’t thank you enough!!”
- Seth T.

“Jeanine changed my life! I was working a dead end job and depressed about where my future was going. I called Jeanine in an emergency conversation she was completely attentive and concerned.  The session was so relaxing and soothing. Two days after my session, I quit my job and started up my own business! Jeanine is truly a miracle worker and completely sincere in her work!”
 - Valerie C.

“Wow. I had no idea I had all of this joy in me. I went to see Jeanine for help with my eating habits and general life choices. But what I tapped into was so much more. I feel like we are really getting to the stuff underneath my stuff. I have such a wonderful feeling and a knowing that I’m not alone.”

- Becky C.

“I noticed a change in my eating habits over the next few days after my session. I look at food differently now. It doesn’t control me like it used to. Thank you!”
- Scot S.

“…the physical and mental relaxation I experienced was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I went in a 10 on the stress scale and now…I’m so refreshed, relaxed and I’m seeing things so much more clearly.”
- Terry T.

“Having never experienced the work of a professional hypnotherapist before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve struggled with food issues for as long as I can remember and was desperate for help.  From sneaking twinkies as a small child, to years of eating disorders, I’ve done it!  I was amazed that after my very first weight management session with Jeanine, my cravings were immediately altered.  I went out with my family for dinner and while I was definitely hungry, nothing bad for me sounded good at all, and the choices I made were as much out of character as they were healthy for me.  I can’t thank Jeanine for all her incredible work and the changes I’ve experienced.  I feel like I have unlimited possibilities now that the old food roller coaster ride has finally ended.” 
- Christa D.

“Wow. I really didn’t know what to expect! But these changes that I have wanted for years are suddenly so easy to make. I feel so good about my life. I love where I’m headed. “
- Jean B