• Live your best life

    Since ancient times, cultures have understood that there is more to you than your physical body and mind. There is an unseen energy that flows through all living things, directly affecting your physical, emotional and mental wellness. And it's no mystery that your thoughts and beliefs directly affect your health.

    So how do you create a balance for yourself?

    I offer unique sessions blending Reiki, an energetic, hands-on technique to balance and heal the mind, body and energy with Hypnotherapy, to clear away that which no longer serves you, and then I sprinkle it with intuition and other bits.

    Unearth your inner truths, find inner balance and create movement in your life.

    During your session, you can expect to be lying fully clothed on a massage table. I typically start with Reiki and during the Reiki session I begin what I call Intuitive Hypnotherapy. In a nut shell, I use the elements of hypnosis and information that I get from our meetings to add a hypnotherapy component to your session. Depending on the reason for your session and what comes up during your session the hypnosis aspects may be front and center or perhaps woven in more gently throughout. I love this form because I have freedom to be more fluid and relevant with hypnosis with respect to how you are feeling at this moment.

    And the Reiki… it’s beauty flows the entire session.